I thought that I, alias ImperialWaffle, creator of this site, would write a few words here so everyone knows what this site is about.

This site is data collection for a solution to the P vs NP problem. In case someone does not know what that is, it's one of the seven Millennium problems proposed in 2000. They are all very hard, unsolved math/science problems. If you're interested, here's some more Information on it

We save cookies but nothing meaningful. Just your high score/time and user id. If you use incognito or don't use cookies that's fine you'll just have to set your user id every time and you won't be able to see your high scores or times.

How to play

You are given the first 10 seconds to choose the order of your pieces.

Following this, you get to play your pieces that you chose, then once they run out, the game randomly determines pieces that fit together and throws those at you.

As opposed to a hold piece function, you are given a cycle function, which will allow you to cycle to any piece in the future (may be reworked).

The goal is to clear lines to reach the next level and stay alive as long as possible. Each 6 lines are a new level. The board resets after you level up.

Here are the Controls:

If you forget them, don't worry. They're on the game itself too.

That's it! Have fun playing. Here is some more info on why this game exists.

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